Vampire Romance Boxed Set – For The Love of the Vampire

Vampire Box Set

For a limited time only! Celebrate Love and Vampires: Eight of today’s Best Selling Paranormal Romance authors bring you this ebook boxed set of 8 books.

FOR A LIMITED TIME!  ONLY 99 CENTS or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


Rebecca Hamilton – Her Sweetest Downfall

Ophelia’s destined to join a dark, supernatural world and protect the future of people she may never meet. But what she learns too late is that her initiation won’t be complete until she kills the man she loves.

Nicole Garcia – Bitten

Born into light, made to live in darkness, Caressa strives to keep her coven safe from the Hunters. Everything was going according to plan. That was until Noah walked into Club Blood. Can Caressa deny herself the love she so desperately craves and turn away the only person capable of giving her everything she has ever wanted?

Lily Marie – Forbidden Bond

***Warning: cliffhanger ahead.***

Kat Riley, former hunter, is not enjoying her retirement. She just walked into the middle of a feud between Council vampires and a sexy half-blood vampire. Desire pulls them to each other. But can she trust the one man whose past might destroy them both?

Stacy Claflin – Fallen

Samantha has her eyes on the vampire throne, but she’s been distracted with a mission among humans. Against her better judgment, she falls for a hot football player. Now she has to decide between the mortal she loves and the place of power she’s always wanted.

Jolie du Pre – Pierce: A Vampire Series: Book 2

In Pierce, book 1, Jezebel got the boot from Louie, but her inclination towards thievery continues until she meets Steve. But for how long? And how long will it take for her newfound on-again-off-again love to discover her vampiric origin?

Olivia Leighton – Of Blood and White Feathers

Samantha Birch’s life sucked… literally. Fresh from an abusive relationship with a vampire, the Snowy Owl shifter finds herself falling for her high school sweetheart once again, but he has a dark secret… and it has fangs…

Stella Wilkinson – Vampires And The Holy Grail

When Lachlan Thorn was sent to relocate the Holy Grail, he knew that as a Vampire this task was his duty. He just wished he didn’t need a witch’s help to do it, especially as the only witch available was the granddaughter of his lost true love, and looked just like her.

Kat Parrish – Bride of the Midnight King

Bride of the Midnight King is a Cinderella story unlike any you’ve ever read: a fusion of vampire myth and fairy tale set in a fantasy world where vampire kings take human consorts, and love is rarely part of the arrangement. Until the night of the Consort’s Ball.

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